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Three disappeared including Sarki 'found'
http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/pakistan/story/2007/10/071011_sarki_arrest_zs.shtml (English Translation)
Riaz Suhail and Nisar Khokar, bbcURDU.com
Thursday, 11 October, 2007, 21:17 GMT 02:17 PST

In the evening after the missing person hearings of Pakistan Supreme Court, Sindhís three nationalist leaders were officially' arrested again through police.

After almost two years among the reappearing leaders were the American national and Jeay Sindh National Frontís general secretary Dr. Safdar Sarki along with G M Bhagat and Chaitin Bajer.

According to the police Safdar Sarki was arrested in the Hub area of Balochistan by the Sakran police station for possession of illegal arms and Balochistan police will present him in local court for remand on Friday. Just a reminder that Dr. Safdar Sarki was taken in custody on 24th March 2006; according to his sister, by the agents of Pakistan secret service agencies with the help of police.

On the other side in Pakistanís province Sarhad, Omerkutís police also reported the arrest of two Hindu Sindhi Nationalist leaders G M Bhagat and Chaitin Bajer; who were missing for two years. According to OmerKotís police the two leaders are wanted by Hyderabad police for numerous terrorism cases and both of them will be handed over to Hyderabad police.

According to Omerkotís police, on Friday they will present both leaders for remand in Hyderabad at the special court for suppression of terrorism. According to his son, Sufi mannered G M Bhagat was taken in to custody on 9th September 2006 by Pakistanís secret service agents from Krishan Barbar's Shop in the city.

Thursday evening from Omerkotís police station G M Bhagat told BBC that, time in disappearance was spent in trial and he has come back due to love of survival. He also recited a couplet of Punjabi poet Baba Bhullay Shah :

"Imman Salamat har koi mangay assan ishq salamat mangay
Ashaiq dosakh kadon na wesan bolhya, bhalay howon sharbay bhangay"

G M Bhagat told that secret service agents put him in a bus from Mir Pur Khas to Omerkot and as he reached close to Omerkot, police arrested him again.

Along with G M Bhagat, Omerkotís former nationalist leader Chaitin Bajerís arrest was also announced. Who according to his brother was taken in to custody by Pakistan secret service agents from his home on 12th July 2006. Chaitin Bajerís brother Khem Chand told BBC that they got the news of both G M and Chaitinís release on Thursday evening and upon meeting them both seemed very weak.

Khem Chand said that in Pakistan it is better to get arrested then go missing, in custody at least you have the satisfaction that the person is alive, you have no idea whether the missing people are alive or dead.

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